Women’s basketball to start season with UCO


Women’s basketball players answer questions from media Oct. 19. The team competes in its first game of the season Sunday against the University of Central Oklahoma.

This weekend officially marks the beginning of the Wichita State basketball season, and the women’s team is ready for the challenge.

They will take on the Branchos of University of Central Oklahoma on Sunday.

“We’ve been working on details at a high tempo, both offensively and defensively,” head coach Jody Adams said. “For us, maintaining [the tempo] for a period of four quarters instead of two, 20-minute halves is going to be different.”

Even though a couple of rules have changed this season, Adams said this first game will be a good time to get players on the court and work on team chemistry.

“Chemistry is always something that comes with time,” she said. “In time, you will see the chemistry develop as certain players shine offensively with point production and defensively with rebounds, steals. It just takes time right now.”

After finishing last season 29-5, Adams said she hopes to continue that success this season with the couple of returners the team has.

“The returners know what practice means,” she said. “You ask your returners and even transfers coming in to approach each game with the understanding of the team, the game plan and their role on the team; where as you want the freshmen coming in to just play well and be able to coach them through their mistakes.”

With only three players from last year’s roster, Adams said the seven new players have yet to experience the high expectations of not only the coaching staff, but the community at WSU.

“They know the expectations are there, but it’s the trust and the time we need together to have successful offensive and defensive schemes,” she said.

While being new to a Division I program can be overwhelming, Adams said all of the players this year are talented.

“It’s always the players, IQ-wise, who pick things up the quickest, shine the quickest and maybe the earliest,” she said.

And while some players may shine early on, Adams has certain expectations for the beginning of the season.

“My expectations are the details and the consistency in each quarter,” she said. “I want to be able to progress day-to-day.”

As expectations rise, Adams noted the depth in all positions on the court.

“What we haven’t had in the past are two [years are] high-motor point guards that can maneuver the on-ball screen action; we have a depth of forwards that are very versatile and can shoot the three, and we haven’t had that in our past three championships,” she said.

The Shockers compete in their first game at 2:05 p.m. Sunday at Charles Koch Arena against the University of Central Oklahoma.