Here are some of February’s eye-catching crime log entries

The Wichita State University Police Department’s daily crime log had 61 reports in February. Here are some of the more eye-catching entries.

On Feb. 2, officers reported that someone entered an unlocked vehicle parked in lot #3 and removed personal property.

This report came after a January when there were five car break-ins. Police advise students, faculty, and visitors to ensure that vehicles are locked at all times.

On Feb. 3, officers reported that a replica Patrick Mahomes jersey was stolen from a dryer in Shocker Hall.

Multiple instances of potential sexual harassment or related behavior were reported this month. On Feb. 4, 5, 14, and 25, officers reported that a male had in some way, either via contact or proposing a relationship, made a female feel uncomfortable. Similarly, on the evening of Feb. 11, a male was reported to be possibly taking photos of females in Shocker Hall without their permission.

On Feb. 7, a report was made concerning the vandalism of an elevator in Beggs Hall.

The report is almost identical to one made on Jan. 29, in which an unknown person used black marker to deface an elevator door.

On Feb. 9, officers filed a report that an Ablah Library employee received four non-threatening emails from a male who was a student more than 10 years ago.

Officers filed another report the following that several employees had received “rambling, non-threatening emails.”

On Feb. 13, officers reported that a vehicle owner believed their car had been intentionally damaged on several occasions, but was unsure whether the damage occured on or off campus.

On Feb. 15, a 27-year-old male was arrested in Braeburn Square after officers checked on a stalled vehicle and found the driver to be under the influence of alcohol.

Upon searching the vehicle, officers discovered marijuana and other paraphernalia in the center console. The male was arrested and booked into jail.

On Feb. 20, the night of the WSU men’s basketball game against South Florida, a female was found unconscious in a restroom in Koch Arena. She was transported to the hospital via EMS.

On Feb. 21, a 32-year-old female was arrested on two outstanding warrants after her vehicle was stopped at the intersection of 21st Street and Hillside.

There were three separate reports of cash being stolen from wallets in the women’s locker room of Koch Arena.

The reports referenced thefts on Dec. 15 of last year and Jan. 11 and 20 of this year. The thefts remain under investigation.

On Feb. 27, officers reported that witnesses had dashcam footage of a hit-and-run that occured in lot #5. The drivers of both vehicles were contacted and information was exchanged.