Sexual battery reported to WSUPD, perpetrator identified 

A case of sexual battery is under investigation by the WSUPD. According to the police’s crime log, the incident took place on Oct. 13 at 4:45 P.M. It was reported later that evening at 9:15 P.M.

According to Corey Herl, university police captain, the perpetrator has been identified.

“We were able to go back on camera, find this individual … So we’ve already been out and contacted him and going to be presenting that to the [district attorney],” Herl said.

Under the Clery Act, universities are required to alert students of any immediate threats of harm on campus. No alerts were issued Thursday or after.

According to Herl, students were not notified because the incident did not require or garner an alert to be sent out under the Clery Act.

“[Questions we ask ourselves are] is it verified significant emergency or dangerous situation … Is it a Clery Act crime in our Clery geography, and there’s a serious and continued threat? That’s part of the determination that Clery identifies,” Herl said.

Student Conduct and Title IX have also been contacted regarding the crime.

Sexual battery encompasses a variety of offenses. Wichita State’s policy on the offense can be found on

Survivors of sexual assault can contact the Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center at (316) 263-0185. They also offer a 24-hour crisis hotline at (316) 263-3002.