Criminal damages due to fire extinguishers reported in Eck Stadium


Wichita State University Police Department`

One of the three fire extinguishers found used in Eck Stadium on May 30.

The men’s bathroom on the third floor with fire extinguisher residue on May 30. (Wichita State University Police Department)

Sometime before May 30, an unknown party entered Eck Stadium and sprayed three fire extinguishers in the third-floor men’s bathroom, according to a Wichita State University Police Department report.

While officers reported the damage on Tuesday, May 30, the police department speculated the damage occurred the previous weekend. The stadium hosted the 5A high school baseball championship on Friday, May 26. It is unknown if there is a correlation between the championship and damages.

Every room, besides the men’s bathroom, was locked. According to the police report, there are no cameras on the third floor, and officers suspended the investigation on May 31 due to the lack of leads.

Images in the police report depict the bathroom covered in fire extinguisher residue.