D.A. decision on rape reported at Flats coming ‘shortly’



The Flats is a private apartment complex on Wichita State’s Innovation Campus.

A rape reported to Wichita State police in December remains under investigation by the District Attorney’s office, D.A. Spokesman Dan Dillon said.

Dillon said no arrests have been made, and that a charging decision would be made “shortly.”

No alert was sent out to the campus by WSU police regarding the rape. University Police Captain Guy Schroeder said that was because it was an “acquaintance rape.”

“That’s not a stranger type thing,” Schroeder said in February. “If it were a stranger rape, and we thought that that had anything to do with threatening anybody else on campus, we would have put out a notice to everybody.”

WSU Police Chief Robert Hinshaw said in January that there was a “known suspect.”

The suspect does not live or work in the greater Wichita metro area, Hinshaw said.

“I don’t want to make a promise I can’t keep,” Schroeder said, “But I will tell you in lots and lots of years of police work, I think we’re going to get that charge.”

In December, a student reported she was raped at The Flats, an apartment complex located on campus. The student was a resident of The Flats at the time of the report.

WSU police redacted all information related to he student who reported the rape.

The incident is the second sexual assault reported at The Flats since the apartment complex opened on campus last August.

Dillon said additional information was requested by the D.A.’s office, which was provided by WSU police.