October crime log highlights

The WSU police department had 114 entries in its daily crime log for the month of October. Here are some highlights.

On Oct. 12, “a fanny pack was found in the parking lot” near Corbin Education Center. Officers filed a report.

On Oct. 12, a WSU emergency phone was used to report “two armed individuals near Fairmount Park.” The police stopped two people near the park, “but they did not have weapons.”

On Oct. 12, police checked Alpha Phi sorority after “residents heard a door open.” Nobody was found.

On Oct. 14, “two juveniles activated the emergency phone” at 3900 E. 16 St. N. The kids were taken home to their parents.

On Oct. 14, campus police assisted the Wichita Police Department with “unlocking a vehicle with a child inside.”

On Oct. 16, campus police assisted WPD with an indecent exposure call at 2900 E. Shadybrook.

On Oct. 16, there was a report of “tobacco found in a trash can” at Shocker Hall.

On Oct. 18, police saw “what appeared to be a male on a bicycle with a flashlight looking into the windows” of Gamma Phi Beta sorority. The man left before officers arrived.

On Oct. 19, “four males were seen looking into vehicles in the parking lot” of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. One car was entered, and a wallet was taken. The incident is under investigation.

On Oct. 19, police checked on a man who was “acting strange.” The man was contacted. “Everything was okay — he was looking for a bus stop.”

On Oct. 25, a man in the Shocker Hall dining lobby was “asking people to call KAKE.” The man was escorted off campus.

On Oct. 25, police “found two people on the roof of Fairmount Towers North.” They were charged with “criminal trespass, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.” The man and woman were booked into jail.

On Oct. 25, there was a report of a man “robbed at gunpoint by two unknown males” at 1732 N. Fairmount. WPD took the case.

On Oct. 25, there was a report of “unauthorized people” in the Wallace Hall wind tunnel. Officers did not find anyone when they checked the tunnel.

On Oct. 29, there was a report “of a male in costume” in the Marcus Welcome Center parking lot. The costumed man was gone when officers arrived.

On Oct. 31 at the Pizza Hut Museum, a “boyfriend took girlfriend’s cell phone and threw it to the ground, breaking it.” The man was arrested and booked into jail.