Thief drank Gatorade, stole cart, and fled campus with chainsaws on 4/20


Courtesy Corey Herl, Wichita State University Police Department

A surveillance camera caught footage of a thief leaving campus in a stolen Facilities Services cart. The theft happened Saturday afternoon.

Chainsaws, a transport cart, and a power washer were stolen from Facilities Services’ landscaping department Saturday afternoon, campus police and the landscaping department said Tuesday.

The thief looked through lockers, drank a Gatorade, pulled a cart out, then locked the main doors — but left the side doors open, Landscape Manager Scotty Hill said.

“It was a pretty strange event.”

The stolen items are valued at around $18,000, Hill said.

After leaving the Facilities Services building, the thief drove the stolen cart toward Ahlberg Hall, on the 17th Street side of campus. A surveillance camera near Facilities Services caught footage of them driving.

The thief appears to have then exited campus from the Ahlberg entrance, Police Chief Rodney Clark said Tuesday.

The theft happened around 1:45 p.m. Saturday.

Clark said the police department currently has no leads on the case. Anyone with information can contact WSUPD at 316-978-3450.