As voting begins, catch up on all The Sunflower’s referendum coverage


Easton Thompson

Provost Muma, with Vice President of Student Affairs Teri Hall, answers a question regarding the upcoming Student Fees Referendum from a student body senator at the SGA meeting on Wednesday, February 27.

Voting on a $6-per-credit-hour student fee increase — mainly to fund a new business building — begins tomorrow. Here’s all of The Sunflower’s coverage for you to catch up on before you vote.

Feb. 28 – Department head worries clinical mental health counseling program could lose accreditation if referendum fails

Feb. 28 – Muma, Hall address referendum concerns at SGA meeting

Feb. 26 – Fund the Present fliers not affiliated with The Sunflower

Feb. 25 – Source of information or WSU public relations? Steering committee members weigh in on their role

Feb. 22 – WSU promised donors $20 million for business building would come from ‘university funds.’ Now, they need students to vote ‘yes’ on raising their own fees.

Feb. 21 – Which colleges get the best and worst deal out of the Shock the Future referendum?

Feb. 4 – Business students weigh in on referendum, new building on Innovation Campus

Jan. 31 – Town hall tackles fee questions, what comes next if referendum fails

Jan. 28 – Muma: If student fee referendum fails, it will not be voted on again

Jan. 28 – Referendum steering committee fighting student apathy within itself

Jan. 28 – Read WSU’s tentative student fee referendum here

Jan. 10 – Golling: Business-specific fee to pay for new business school a ‘very practical option’ if referendum fails

Dec. 17 – Brinkley on infrastructure fee hike: ‘They’re going to push through with it one way or another.’

Nov. 26 – Student fees, tuition increase steadily as state funding fluctuates

Nov. 16 – Meet your student reps on the infrastructure steering committee

Nov. 15 – Student senators raise concerns over potential hike in student fees

Nov. 15 – Deans talk student input on infrastructure proposal

Nov. 8 – WSU rolls out ‘student-driven’ plan to raise student fees, upgrade campus infrastructure