Freshman golfer makes an immediate impact

Freshman Mackenzie Wilson knew she would be starting a new experience when she joined the women’s golf team because in her home country, the format at competitions is completely different.    Wilson is majoring in economics and comes from Rosny College in Tasmania, Australia.
Wilson started playing golf with her father when she was six. At the time she hated playing and didn’t like golf at all at first.
“I was about 11 or 12 when I started competing,” Wilson said. “The competitive side to it I loved. I love traveling a lot and I love that it’s so difficult. No matter how good you are, you can always improve.”The United States is different from most countries because there are team sports available for young children through college age folks. In Australia, there’s no team sports at schools. Instead, those who want to play a sport play for a club program.
“I love playing on a team,” Wilson said. “I love playing for other people and playing for a coach… the girls that I play with at WSU are just amazing and we all get along outside of golf as well.”
Wilson chose to play for the Shockers because of the coaches.

Head Coach Tom McCurdy said that in his eyes Wilson has adjusted with no problems at all. He compared her to the likes of a junior or senior with how she carries herself — the way she’s adjusted to the team and living in a different country.
McCurdy also said how competitive she is and that she has lots of experience.
“Other coaches who were talking to her are missing out,” McCurdy said. “She’s even more (talented) so than what we thought and we’re gonna have a really good program with her.”
Wilson said there are still some challenges she faces. In golf, measurements are important so golfers can use the proper club for each shot.
“I could tell you about how far 500 yards is, but I have no idea how far 457.2 meters are,” Wilson said. “For a big sport where you travel from different parts of the course in golf, the finest measurements are crucial. Not knowing the conversion could be quite difficult.”
Wilson was a part of the women’s golf lineup that won their first tournament in five years at the Big O Classic on Oct. 3-4. She placed twenty-fourth and her final score was 77-82-79–238 (+19)